Jardin Water Lilies Pendant
Long Mogul Gemstone EarringsLong Mogul Gemstone Earrings
Cosmic Oxidized Silver Sun EarringsCosmic Oxidized Silver Sun Earrings
Mogul Citrine and Tourmaline Bead NecklaceAn appealing mogul Citrine and Tourmaline bead necklace strung on 60-inch- long silk with a small toggle clasp and 18-karat gold.
Navratna Mogul Bead NecklaceBeautiful and refined Navratna multi oval gems necklace layered with 18 karat gold spacer beads on silk secured with circular diamond clasp.
Black Coral Diamond EarringsBlack Coral Diamond Earrings
Mogul Rock Crystal Earrings
Mogul Drop Earrings
Mogul Drop Earrings
Hex Rock Crystal Diamond Necklace
Jardin Horse Ring
Geometrix Multi Gem Band
Mogul Locket PendantMogul Locket Pendant

Mogul Locket

Mogul Moon Quartz Necklace
Jardin Blue Sapphire Hoops
Mogul Rock Crystal Earrings
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Cosmic Diamond Band
Geometrix Gemstone Diamond RingGeometrix Gemstone Diamond Ring
Mogul Moon Quartz Pendant
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Geometrix Gemstone NecklaceGeometrix Gemstone Necklace
Mogul Gemstone & Diamond EarringsMogul Gemstone & Diamond Earrings
Jardin Flower Band
Mogul Horse Pendant
Rare to find 18 karats yellow gold bracelet beaded with 54-carat white agate beads and an adjustable lobster clasp.
Chakra Dream Catcher EarringsChakra Dream Catcher Earrings
Mogul Rock Crystal Diamond Earrings
Mogul Diamond Hoops
Mogul Cushion Diamond Earrings
Jardin Leaf HoopsJardin Leaf Hoops
Chakra Large Reversible Evil Eye RingChakra Large Reversible Evil Eye Ring
Large Mogul Medallion Earrings
Cosmic Diamond Starburst EarringsCosmic Diamond Starburst Earrings
Mogul Ball EarringsMogul Ball Earrings
Cosmic Starburst Earrings
Candy Double Drop Gemstone EarringsCandy Double Drop Gemstone Earrings
Jardin Geode Nest PendantJardin Geode Nest Pendant
Chakra Link BraceletPiously made 18-karat yellow gold bracelet with 8-inch length and an adjustable lobster lock.
Jardin Swallow Ring
Mogul Gemstone & Diamond NecklaceMogul Gemstone & Diamond Necklace
Mogul Twine EarringsMogul Twine Earrings

Jardin Twine Earrings

From $4,650
Cosmic Lapis Lazuli Earrings
Jardin Flying Swallows Pendant
Cosmic Pink Tourmaline Earrings
Discerning 18-karat yellow gold bracelet detailed with lapis blue enamel and an adjustable lobster lock.
Geometrix Rock Crystal Earrings
Mogul Moon Quartz Duster Earrings
Sold out
Mogul Rotating Bead Earrings
Cosmic Sapphire Cluster Oval Hoops
Jardin Flower Earrings
Geometrix Rock Crystal Ring
Lemon Quartz Geometrix Ring
Jardin Butterfly Earrings
Gemstone & Diamond Octa EarringsGemstone & Diamond Octa Earrings
Mogul Turquoise Diamond Earrings
Jardin Multi Gem Flower Earrings
Cosmic Moon Quartz Earrings
Cosmic Multicolor Star Band
Jardin Flower Bunch Clip EarringsJardin Flower Bunch Clip Earrings
Cosmic Multi Star Diamond Band
Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz Earrings
Cosmic Octa Diamond EarringsCosmic Octa Diamond Earrings
Cosmic Diamond Cluster Oval HoopsCosmic Diamond Cluster Oval Hoops
Mogul Cushion Diamond EarringsMogul Cushion Diamond Earrings
Mogul Turquoise and Diamond EarringsMogul Turquoise and Diamond Earrings
Mogul Multicolored Bead NecklaceAn amazing bead necklace creates a unique contrast of multicolored gemstones strung on silk with 18 karats of yellow gold.
Jardin Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings
Mogul Multi Gem Enamel Earrings
Sold out
Bubble Square Diamond Studs
Chakra Reversible Evil Eye PendantChakra Reversible Evil Eye Pendant
Mogul Lapis & Turquoise Pendant
Jardin Feather Diamond Earrings
Cosmic Oval Cluster Diamond EarringsCosmic Oval Cluster Diamond Earrings
Mogul Rock Crystal & Mother of Pearl Necklace
Candy Yellow Sapphire Heart Necklace
Mogul Moon Quartz Flower Pendant
An 8-inch paper clip bracelet with 18-karat yellow gold holding a 7-carat Black Onyx with a swivel mechanism and a large lobster lock.An 8-inch paper clip bracelet with 18-karat yellow gold holding a 7-carat white agate with a swivel mechanism and a large lobster lock.
Jardin Flora PendantJardin Flora Pendant
Jardin Flower Earrings
Cosmic Emerald & Sapphire RingCosmic Emerald & Sapphire Ring
Cosmic Moon Quartz Diamond Ring
Mogul Pearl & Diamond EarringsMogul Pearl & Diamond Earrings
Cosmic Rubellite Diamond Necklace
Jardin Blue Agate Reversible Diamond PendantJardin Blue Agate Reversible Diamond Pendant
Cosmic Mother of Pearl Earrings
Mogul Rock Crystal Cushion NecklaceMogul Rock Crystal Cushion Necklace
Candy Sugarloaf Earrings
Cosmic Oval Cluster Diamond EarringsCosmic Oval Cluster Diamond Earrings
Mogul Keepsake Locket
Cosmic Opal and Diamond RingCosmic Opal and Diamond Ring
Sold out
Geometrix Enamel and Diamond Studs
Cosmic Diamond Round HoopsCosmic Diamond Round Hoops
Cosmic London Blue Topaz and Emerald StudsCosmic London Blue Topaz and Emerald Studs
Cosmic Moon Quartz StudsCosmic Moon Quartz Studs
Cosmic Ethiopian Opal StudsCosmic Ethiopian Opal Studs
Cosmic Oxidized Silver Starry Night EarringsCosmic Oxidized Silver Starry Night Earrings
Oxidized Silver and Diamond Mogul HoopsOxidized Silver and Diamond Mogul Hoops
Opal Sugarloaf Necklace
Cosmic Cluster Diamond NecklacesCosmic Cluster Diamond Necklaces
Cosmic Diamond Constellation NecklaceCosmic Diamond Constellation Necklace
Candy Labradorite Black Diamond EarringsCandy Labradorite Black Diamond Earrings

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