Candy Mini Baubles RingsCandy Mini Baubles Rings
Candy Reversible Moon Quartz PendantGet two looks in one with this 18K yellow gold reversible pendant from our Candy collection. Featuring a moon quartz cabochon on one side and your choice of blue topaz, black onyx or amethyst cabochon on the other, this innovative pendant is simple in its design but striking in its impact.
Candy Small Stacking Baubles RingsCandy Small Stacking Baubles Rings
Small Candy Gem and Diamond StudsCandy Gem and Diamond Studs

Small Candy Gem Studs

From $1,200
Candy Mini Sugarloaf StudsCandy Mini Sugarloaf Studs
Candy Gem NecklacesCandy Gem Necklaces
Candy Medium Stacking Baubles RingsCandy Medium Stacking Baubles Rings
Candy Blue Topaz Sugarloaf Pendant
Candy Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant
Candy Rock Crystal Pendant
Candy Gem StudsCandy Gem Studs

Large Candy Gem Studs

From $1,650
Candy Gemstone Ring with DiamondsCandy Gemstone Ring with Diamonds
Candy Sugarloaf Diamond EarringsCandy Sugarloaf Diamond Earrings
Candy Blue Topaz & Diamond StudsCandy Blue Topaz & Diamond Studs
Candy Gem Sugarloaf NecklaceCandy Gem Necklaces
Candy Small Diamond Stacking Baubles RingsCandy Small Diamond Stacking Baubles Rings
Candy Gemstone Diamond PendantCandy Gemstone Diamond Pendant
Candy Baubles Open Ring
Candy Sugarloaf EarringsCandy Sugarloaf Earrings
Candy Small Stacking Bauble BraceletsCandy Small Stacking Bauble Bracelets
Candy Bauble EarringsCandy Bauble Earrings
Candy Medium Stacking Baubles BraceletsCandy Medium Stacking Baubles Bracelets
Candy Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz RingCandy Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz Ring
Candy Large Stacking Baubles BraceletsCandy Large Stacking Baubles Bracelets
Candy Gemstone Diamond BraceletsAn openable oval 18-karat yellow gold bracelet with a perfectly positioned 2.50 carat Blue topaz and a 0.6-carat champagne diamond.
Large Candy Sugarloaf NecklaceMogul Gemstone and Diamond Necklace
Candy Moon Quartz Blue Topaz EarringsCandy Moon Quartz Earrings
Candy Small Stacking Diamond Bauble Bracelet18 karat yellow gold easily openable oval-shaped bracelet flecked with 0.30-carat champagne diamonds.
Candy Double Drop EarringsCandy Double Drop Earrings
Candy Rubellite & Gemstone EarringsCandy Rubellite & Gemstone Earrings
Candy Multicolor Hoop EarringsCandy Multicolor Hoop Earrings
Candy Peridot & Blue Topaz EarringsCandy Peridot & Blue Topaz Earrings
Candy Chrysoprase & Turquoise EarringsCandy Chrysoprase and Turquoise Earrings
Candy Double Drop Diamond EarringsCandy Double Drop Diamond Earrings
Candy Labradorite Black Diamond EarringsCandy Labradorite Black Diamond Earrings
Candy Sugarloaf EarringsCandy Sugarloaf Earrings
Candy Yellow Sapphire Heart NecklaceCandy Yellow Sapphire Heart Necklace
Bubble Square Diamond Studs
Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz Earrings
Candy Double Drop Gemstone EarringsCandy Double Drop Gemstone Earrings
Candy Moon Quartz Oval Ring
Candy Moon Quartz and Rubellite Sugarloaf EarringsCandy Moon Quartz and Rubellite Sugarloaf Earrings
Mogul Moon Quartz Necklace

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