Syna is Born

We immigrated to the United States in late spring of 2003, and our first daughter Diva was born soon after in July. By August, we had incorporated Syna and started creating gemstone bead jewelry in unusual color combinations. Everything felt new and exciting, and we were enchanted by the endless possibilities ahead.


Intense Struggles in a New World

Life no longer felt like a dream, and the challenges of immigrating to a new country weighed on us. We made our first go-with-everything earring using sugarloaf cabochons and diamonds, but we felt the pain of low sales.

With a family to feed and an overwhelming financial burden, we had felt crushed by the pressure of it all. But with another child on the way, we decided to stay and hoped for the best. 


Nysa - A New Beginning

In February 2005, we were granted a new beginning that reinvigorated our hope and motivation. Not only did we get our green cards the day Nysa was born, but we also received a substantial order from Bulgari for one of our amethyst earrings.

Our sales began to increase, especially now that our jewelry had gained recognition. In addition, we collaborated with Tiffany & Co. on private-label projects, including unusual bead necklaces, 100-carat drops, and the iconic Sugar Stacks.


Living the American Dream

With major private-label productions in full swing, we could sense our potential. Known for our drops and stackable rings, we earned an excellent reputation in the industry. Life felt perfect, as if anything we touched could turn to gold. We worked tirelessly, creating many new designs - and seeing those designs get snatched up by brands.


Playing with Color

Gemstones took center stage in everything we did then. We loved playing with colored gems to create unusual stories of shades. Like kids in a candy store, we missed no opportunity to mix-match and create innumerable color combinations.

2008 - 2009

Now's the Time

We had found our momentum with large orders and consistent production. Then, the 2008 Financial Crisis descended like a dark cloud, and we knew immediately that we'd need to pivot our business. With so much experience working with the best brands, we felt confident that it was time to start building our own.


First Couture Show

Finally ready to present Syna to the world, we debuted at The Couture Show, one of the most prestigious fine jewelry trade shows in the United States. We had gained comfort from our private label business, but now we were facing the world in a new and different way. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

2011 - 2013

Building Blocks

One retailer at a time, we were growing and learning. With events all over the country, we were meeting new people in the industry, growing our sales, and moving forward.

Some days were easy and exciting, while others were difficult and tiresome. Many times, we'd have to wake up at 3 am to board long flights and sometimes visit multiple states in one day.


Centurion Design Award

During this special year, we received our first industry recognition: the Centurion Design Award. To delight ourselves, we created a whimsical mixed-metal owl pendant, which won the prize. Our accomplishment gave us the confidence and the encouragement to experiment with our designs. Most importantly, it inspired us to have more fun.


Not Only Color

With our newfound confidence, we were ready to experiment with new styles, explore new materials and techniques, and market ourselves in new ways. Syna was not only about beautiful colored gemstones; we were driven by the endless possibilities of our imaginations.


The Dragon Snake Wins

In 2016, we won another award for our oxidized sterling silver dragon snake bracelet. We had so much fun merging two powerful animals - one imaginary and one real - with a long, green tsavorite tongue.

When you're having fun, good things come your way!

2017 - 2018

Building Strength

This was the time we collaborated and built deeper connections all across, which provided a substantial growth in the way Syna is being run today as a company. Forming life-long relationships not only built strength but also enabled us to grow personally the most in these two years.


Couture Design Award

We earned the recognition we had always dreamt of - the Couture Design Award. After being members of the Couture community for a decade, we were honored for our 18K yellow gold and oxidized silver coral reef earrings with champagne diamonds. Our gratitude for this award knows no bounds.

When you give your heart out, it returns ten-fold.


Re-aligning our Hustle

No one can forget 2020, a year of uncertainty and fear. With all its complexities, it did simplify our lives in many ways.

It gave us the opportunity to reflect and realign nearly every aspect of our business. This was our time to unlearn, learn and re-learn to cope with the "new normal". We can't wait to see what 2021 will bring, and we're looking forward to exploring our new-found passions - food, cocktails, karaoke, and more.



In 2021, we emerged from our cocoon. With the pace of
business (and life) in full speed, the time flew by. Only toward the end of the year did we realize how much we've grown and evolved more than ever before. Upon reflection, we felt that the momentum of 2021, combined with the
silence of 2020, enabled our tremendous growth. 

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