Mogul Gem & Diamond Pendant
Candy Baubles Open Ring
Candy Gemstone Diamond PendantCandy Gemstone Diamond Pendant
Mogul Chain EarringsMogul Chain Earrings

Mogul Chain Earrings

From $1,950
Cosmic Boulder Opal Diamond StudsCosmic Boulder Opal Diamond Studs
Cosmic Diamond PendantsCosmic Diamond Pendants
Cosmic Oxidized Silver Starry Night Pendant
Cosmic Double Diamond HoopsYellow Gold
Jardin Small Owl Charm PendantJardin Small Owl Charm Pendant
Small Mogul Medallion EarringsSmall Mogul Medallion Earrings
White GoldYellow Gold
Jardin Swallow NecklaceJardin Swallow Necklace
Jardin Squirrel Pearl Pendant
Cosmic Moon & Stars Pendant
Camera Moon Quartz Charm
Cosmic Enamel Diamond Earrings
Jardin Bee Diamond Pendant
Jardin Rubellite Flower Studs
Cosmic Diamond Star Pendant
Mogul Hex Stud EarringsMogul Hex Stud Earrings

Hex Studs

From $1,850
Jardin Flower StudsJardin Flower Studs
Cosmic Cross Ring
Candy Boulder Opal Necklace
Thick Link ChainsThick Link Chains
Jardin Flower StudsJardin Flower Studs

Jardin Flower Studs

From $1,850
Mogul Small Key PendantMogul Small Key Pendant
Cosmic Sun NecklacesCosmic Sun Necklaces
Cosmic Locket PendantCosmic Locket Pendant
Candy Cobblestone NecklacesCandy Cobblestone Necklaces
Cosmic Maritime Compass Pendant
Candy Gem NecklacesCandy Gem Necklaces
Candy Blue Topaz & Diamond Studs
Jardin Flower Enamel Pendant
Lock Charm PendantLock Charm Pendant
Jardin Moon Quartz Pendant
Cosmic Sparkling Star Pendant
Jardin Butterfly Diamond Necklace
Jardin Flower NecklaceJardin Flower Necklace
Cosmic Mother of Pearl Moon StudsCosmic Mother of Pearl Moon Studs
Cosmic Moon & Stars Pendant
Cosmic North Star PendantCosmic North Star Pendant
Cosmic Cancer Zodiac Pendant
Cosmic Mini Multi-Gem Cluster HoopsCosmic Mini Multi-Gem Cluster Hoops
Candy Cobblestone EarringsCobblestone Earrings
Candy Sugarloaf Diamond EarringsCandy Sugarloaf Diamond Earrings
Mogul Rock Crystal Diamond Earrings
Jardin Satin Flower NecklaceJardin Satin Flower Necklace
Hex Diamond Enamel StudsHex Diamond Enamel Studs
Cosmic Sun StudsCosmic Sun Studs

Cosmic Sun Studs

From $1,650
Cosmic Reversible Moon CharmCosmic Reversible Moon Charm
Cosmic Crescent Moon CharmCosmic Crescent Moon Charm
Candy Gemstone Ring with DiamondsCandy Gemstone Ring with Diamonds
Candy Gem StudsCandy Gem Studs

Candy Gem Studs

From $1,650
Hex Flat RingsHex Flat Rings

Hex Flat Rings

From $1,600
Candy Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant
Candy Blue Topaz Sugarloaf Pendant
Jardin Flowering Tree of Life Pendant
Candy Rock Crystal Pendant
Jardin Flower PendantJardin Flower Pendant
Mogul Two Tone Oval HoopsMogul Two Tone Oval Hoops
Jardin Blooming Plant Charm PendantJardin Blooming Plant Charm Pendant
Cosmic Exotic Sun PendantCosmic Exotic Sun Pendant
Candy Gem NecklacesCandy Gem Necklaces
18 Karat White Gold Large Link ChainLarge Link Chains
Geometrix BraceletGeometrix Bracelet

Geometrix Bracelet

From $1,250
Jardin Gemstone PendantJardin Gemstone Pendant
Hex Turquoise Flat RingHex Turquoise Flat Ring
Chakra Evil Eye PendantChakra Evil Eye Pendant
Candy Mother of Pearl Studs
Mogul Cushion EarringsMogul Cushion Earrings
Mogul Bead PendantMogul Bead Pendant
Chakra EarringsChakra Earrings

Chakra Earrings

From $1,250
18 Karat Yellow Gold Large Link ChainLarge Link Chains
Octo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Charm
Candy Gem and Diamond StudsCandy Gem and Diamond Studs
Jardin Satin Flower PendantJardin Satin Flower Pendant
Cosmic Diamond PendantCosmic Diamond Pendant
Cosmic Enamel Band
Jardin Gingko Pendant
Jardin Palm Pendant
Cosmic Star StudsCosmic Star Studs
Charm HolderMogul Openable Clasp Pendant

Charm Holder

Wishbone Pendant
Cosmic Diamond PendantCosmic Diamond Pendant
Chakra Evil Eye Charm PendantChakra Evil Eye Charm Pendant
Labradorite Geometric Charm Pendant
Mogul Bead Necklace
Candy Reversible Moon Quartz PendantGet two looks in one with this 18K yellow gold reversible pendant from our Candy collection. Featuring a moon quartz cabochon on one side and your choice of blue topaz, black onyx or amethyst cabochon on the other, this innovative pendant is simple in its design but striking in its impact.
Cosmic Swivel Charm PendantCosmic Swivel Charm Pendant
Chakra Charm BraceletsChakra Charm Bracelets
Hex Diamond Enamel StudsHex Diamond Enamel Studs
Cosmic Enamel Diamond Pendant
Jardin Swallow Charm PendantJardin Swallow Charm Pendant
Jardin Sunflower NecklaceJardin Sun Flower Necklace
Mini Mogul Drop CharmsMini Mogul Drop Charms
Love Letter CharmYellow Gold

Love Letter Charm

From $750
Mini Mogul EarringsMini Mogul Earrings
Small Link ChainsSmall Link Chains
Medium Link ChainsMedium Link Chains
Small Link ChainsSmall Link Chains Yellow Gold

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