Oxidized Silver Link ChainOxidized Silver Link Chain
Mogul Two Tone Oval HoopsMogul Two Tone Oval Hoops
Mogul Key PendantMogul Key Pendant

Mogul Key Pendant

From $1,650
Jardin Love Leaf NecklaceJardin Love Leaf Necklace
Jardin Swallow NecklaceJardin Swallow Necklace
Cosmic Oxidized Silver Starry Night Pendant
Mogul Tassel PendantsMogul Tassel Pendants

Mogul Tassel Pendants

From $2,100
Mogul Luna HoopsMogul Luna Hoops
Jardin Flower NecklaceJardin Flower Necklace
Mogul Flower EarringsMogul Flower Earrings
Oxidized Silver Mogul Drop PendantOxidized Silver Mogul Drop Pendant
Cosmic Sun PendantCosmic Sun Pendant

Cosmic Sun Pendant

From $2,450
Mogul Ball PendantMogul Ball Pendant

Mogul Ball Pendant

From $2,450
Jardin Dragonfly Charm Pendant
Jardin Small Love Leaf EarringsJardin Small Love Leaf Earrings
Mogul Medallion Ring
Mogul Small Tree of Life Pendant
Jardin Swallow EarringsJardin Swallow Earrings
Jardin Diamond Flower NecklaceJardin Diamond Flower Necklace
Jardin Flower EarringsJardin Flower Earrings
Mogul Oxidized Silver Sword PendantMogul Oxidized Silver Sword Pendant
Jardin Olive Branch Charm Pendant
Jardin Bee Charm PendantJardin Bee Charm Pendant
Jardin Love Birds Charm PendantJardin Love Birds Charm Pendant
Jardin Koi Fish Pendant
Jardin Diamond Flower EarringsJardin Diamond Flower Earrings
Jardin Diamond Swallow Circle EarringsJardin Diamond Swallow Circle Earrings
Mogul Motif CharmMogul Motif Charm
Jardin Small Flower Bunch PendantJardin Small Flower Bunch Pendant
Cosmic Silver Star Pendant
Jardin Love Leaf Diamond BraceletsAn openable oval stacking bracelet made up of 18 karats yellow gold and oxidized silver dotted with 0.35 carats champagne diamonds.
Mogul Ball EarringsMogul Ball Earrings

Mogul Ball Earrings

From $3,650
Jardin Diamond Flower BraceletsModish oval-shaped openable 18 karats yellow gold and an oxidized silver bracelet adorned with 0.55-carat champagne diamonds.
Mogul Diamond BraceletsAn openable oval bracelet with 18 karats yellow gold and oxidized silver with gorgeous 0.27-carat champagne diamonds studded.
Jardin Tree of Life RingsJardin Tree of Life Rings
Black Coral Diamond EarringsBlack Coral Diamond Earrings
Jardin Love Leaf Diamond EarringsJardin Love Leaf Diamond Earrings
Mogul Twine Diamond EarringsMogul Twine Diamond Earrings
Jardin Love Leaf Diamond HoopsYellow Gold
Jardin Large Tree of Life PendantJardin Large Tree of Life Pendant
Large Mogul Motif Peacock PendantLarge Mogul Motif Peacock Pendant
Jardin Diamond Flowers PendantJardin Diamond Flowers Pendant
Jardin Owl NecklaceJardin Owl Necklace
Mogul Brocade Drop PendantMogul Brocade Drop Pendant

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