Mogul Ethiopian Opal Pendant
Authentic 195 carats pink opal and Chrysoprase stones necklace hanging on a silk thread and secured with a circular diamond set clasp.
Cosmic Ethiopian Opal Pendant
Mogul Opal and Peridot Bead NecklaceSimple but elegant Ethiopian Opal and Peridot stones, 36 inches in length necklace, threaded on silk with toggle clasp.
An Ethiopian Opal and Tsavorite bead is a classic composition in a 36-inch long silk thread fastened with a circular diamond clasp.
Jardin Opal Cat Pendant
Mogul Ethiopian Opal and Diamond Drop Pendant
Mogul Hex Double Drop Earrings
Mogul Opal Carved Horse Pendant
Mogul Opal and Diamond RingMogul Opal and Diamond Ring
Cosmic Ethiopian Opal Pendant
Mogul Opal Bead NecklaceA contemporary styled Ethiopian Opal bead necklace of 180 carats, measuring 36 inches in length with a circular clasp.
Mogul Gemstone RingMogul Gemstone Ring

Mogul Gemstone Ring

From $9,250
Mogul Pink Opal Long Drop Earrings
Cosmic Cluster Diamond EarringsCosmic Cluster Diamond Earrings
Mogul Ethiopian Opal Pear Shaped RingMogul Ethiopian Opal Pear Shaped Ring
Mogul Ethiopian Opal Earrings
Jardin Sunflower Clip Earrings
Jardin Diamond Vine EarringsJardin Diamond Vine Earrings
A stunning Ethiopian opal single-strand bead necklace strung on silk include a circular diamond clasp and 18 karat gold.
Mogul Ethiopian Opal Pendant
Mogul Flower Bud Diamond EarringsMogul Flower Bud Diamond Earrings
Cosmic Oval Cluster Diamond EarringsCosmic Oval Cluster Diamond Earrings
Opal Mogul Swivel Ring
Cosmic Opal and Diamond RingCosmic Opal and Diamond Ring
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Cosmic Ethiopian Opal StudsCosmic Ethiopian Opal Studs
Cosmic Boulder Opal Diamond StudsCosmic Boulder Opal Diamond Studs
Opal Sugarloaf Necklace
Cosmic Cluster Diamond NecklacesCosmic Cluster Diamond Necklaces
Necklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra CharmsChakra Three Charms
Cosmic Ethiopian Opal Necklace
Necklace Set of Bicycle Chakra Charms
Mogul Gemstone EarringsCandy Gemstone Earrings
Mogul Pink Opal Drop Pendant
Cosmic Exotic Sun EarringsCosmic Exotic Sun Earrings
Cosmic Eclipse NecklaceCosmic Eclipse Necklaces
Candy Ethiopian Opal Sugarloaf Ring
Mogul Black Opal Bead NecklaceAn antique mogul black opal bead necklace with 18 karat gold and small toggle lock on silk, 18 inches in length.
Mogul Heart Cab NecklaceMogul Heart Cab Necklace
Cosmic Gemstone Diamond PendantCosmic Gemstone Diamond Pendant
Cosmic Ethiopian Opal Diamond Pendant
Large Exotic Bead EarringsLarge Exotic Bead Earrings
Mogul Hex StudsMogul Hex Studs

Mogul Hex Studs

From $2,350
Mogul Gemstone Hex NecklaceChrysoprase
Cosmic Diamond PendantsCosmic Diamond Pendants
Cosmic Boulder Opal Diamond StudsCosmic Boulder Opal Diamond Studs
Candy Boulder Opal Necklace
Cosmic Sun StudsCosmic Sun Studs

Cosmic Sun Studs

From $1,650
Cosmic Exotic Sun PendantCosmic Exotic Sun Pendant
Mogul Octa Gemstone PendantMogul Octa Gemstone Pendant
Chakra EarringsChakra Earrings

Chakra Earrings

From $1,250
Mogul Bead EarringsMogul Bead Earrings

Mogul Bead Earrings

From $1,250
Chakra Birthstone CharmsChakra Birthstone Charms

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