Embellished with perfectly round Salmon Coral 190 carat beads of 18 inches tied with diamond set circular clasp.
Authentic 195 carats pink opal and Chrysoprase stones necklace hanging on a silk thread and secured with a circular diamond set clasp.
An excellent blue and green stones necklace, 36 inches in length, strung on a silk thread with a circular diamond clasp.
Vivid Mandarin Garnet and Sapphire oval bead necklace, 36 inches long, twined on silk with a toggle clasp.
Mogul Opal and Peridot Bead NecklaceSimple but elegant Ethiopian Opal and Peridot stones, 36 inches in length necklace, threaded on silk with toggle clasp.
An Ethiopian Opal and Tsavorite bead is a classic composition in a 36-inch long silk thread fastened with a circular diamond clasp.
A simple and elegant Turquoise 57 carats bead necklace in an 18-inch adjustable gold chain stuck to a lobster clasp.
An original 115 carats black diamond bead necklace in a 25-inch-long gold chain with a small golden toggle clasp.
Mogul Agate Bead NecklaceLightweight and elegant white agate bead necklace threaded in an 18-inch- long gold chain secured with a lobster lock.
Mogul Opal Bead NecklaceA contemporary styled Ethiopian Opal bead necklace of 180 carats, measuring 36 inches in length with a circular clasp.
A precious Tsavorite bead necklace looks like a traditional royal with 5 strands of torsade and a circular diamond clasp.
Multicolored Mogul Bead NecklaceBeautiful and colorful Labradorite, Tanzanite, Tourmaline & Amethyst bead necklace in a 60-inch silk thread tied with a small toggle clasp.
Mogul Multicolor Endless Bead NecklaceElegant and multicoloured Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Peridot, Rock Crystal bead necklace on 18 karat gold chain with simple toggle clasp.
Appealing 300 carats Tourmaline, Peridot, Carnet, Aquamarine, Citrine bead gold necklace with simple 18k diamond clasp.
Classy Chalcedony & Pearl bead necklace with a glamourous 30-inch adjustable lobster clasp on 18-karat yellow gold.
An alluring Chrysoprase two-strand green bead necklace with roundel diamond clasp with 18 karats yellow gold on 22-inch-long silk.
Perfectly positioned mogul pastel gemstone bead necklace of 36-inch-long with stones of Tourmaline, A Rose Quartz, Emerald, Aquamarine
Mogul Aquamarine Bead NecklaceMade of Blue Aquamarine, Rubellite, and Peridot stones with 18 karat gold strung on silk secured with a diamond clasp.
Peach Moonstone and Labradorite Mogul Bead NecklaceA magnificent peach moonstone, and Labradorite mogul bead necklace on a 60-inch-long gold chain with a small toggle clasp.
Labradorite Mogul Bead NecklaceAn exquisite Labradorite & Pyrite Mogul bead necklace with a small toggle clasp strung on silk with 18 karats yellow gold.
A stunning Ethiopian opal single-strand bead necklace strung on silk include a circular diamond clasp and 18 karat gold.
Navratna Mogul Bead NecklaceBeautiful and refined Navratna multi oval gems necklace layered with 18 karat gold spacer beads on silk secured with circular diamond clasp.
Mogul Citrine and Tourmaline Bead NecklaceAn appealing mogul Citrine and Tourmaline bead necklace strung on 60-inch- long silk with a small toggle clasp and 18-karat gold.
Mogul Multicolored Bead NecklaceAn amazing bead necklace creates a unique contrast of multicolored gemstones strung on silk with 18 karats of yellow gold.
A vibrant multi-Tourmaline 100 carats bead necklace includes a sleek lobster clasp and 18 karat gold on silk.
An antique mogul black opal bead necklace with 18 karat gold and small toggle lock on silk, 18 inches in length.
Mogul Turquoise Bead NecklaceMogul Turquoise Bead Necklace

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