Chakra Birthstone CharmsChakra Birthstone Charms
Chakra Large CharmsChakra Large Charms
Mini Mogul Drop CharmsMini Mogul Drop Charms
Cosmic Swivel Charm PendantCosmic Swivel Charm Pendant
Candy Reversible Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz PendantCandy Reversible Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz Pendant
Labradorite Geometric Charm Pendant
Cosmic Exotic Sun PendantCosmic Exotic Sun Pendant
Jardin Blooming Plant Charm PendantJardin Blooming Plant Charm Pendant
Cosmic Crescent Moon CharmCosmic Crescent Moon Charm
Cosmic Reversible Moon CharmCosmic Reversible Moon Charm
Jardin Snake Charm PendantJardin Snake Charm Pendant
Chakra Reversible Evil Eye CharmChakra Reversible Evil Eye Charm
Jardin Swallow Charm PendantJardin Swallow Charm Pendant
Jardin Small Owl Charm PendantJardin Small Owl Charm Pendant
Coffee Mug Charm
Jardin Ladybug Charm PendantJardin Ladybug Charm Pendant
Jardin Dragonfly Charm Pendant
Jardin Love Birds Charm PendantJardin Love Birds Charm Pendant
Jardin Olive Branch Charm Pendant
Jardin Small Tree of Life Charm PendantJardin Small Tree of Life Charm Pendant
Mogul Motif CharmMogul Motif Charm
Jardin Diamond Palm Leaf Charm Pendant
Jardin Bee Charm PendantJardin Bee Charm Pendant
Love Letter CharmYellow Gold
Jardin Small Flower Bunch PendantJardin Small Flower Bunch Pendant
Love Locked CharmLove Locked Charm
Jardin Bee Charm PendantJardin Bee Charm Pendant
Mogul Dragon Heart Charm
Mogul Malachite Large Tooth Pendant
Cosmic Large Eclipse PendantCosmic Large Eclipse Pendant
Jardin Clover Leaf Reversible PendantJardin Clover Leaf Reversible Pendant
Mini Diamond Mogul Drop PendantMini Diamond Mogul Drop Pendant

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