A simple and elegant Turquoise 57 carats bead necklace in an 18-inch adjustable gold chain stuck to a lobster clasp.
Chakra Reversible Evil Eye Charm BraceletThe sparkling 18 karats yellow gold bracelet is enriched with 0.12-carat champagne diamonds and detailed with white, lapis, and turquoise enamels.
Cosmic Gemstone Starburst EarringsCosmic Gemstone Starburst Earrings
Chakra Multicolor Necklace
Large Blue Topaz Sugarloaf RingLarge Blue Topaz Sugarloaf Ring
Cosmic Cluster Diamond EarringsCosmic Cluster Diamond Earrings
Mogul Turquoise Ring
Mogul Multi Gemstone Band
Seven Chakra Charm BraceletSeven Chakra Charm Bracelet
Chakra Reversible Evil Eye BraceletDivine evil eye reversible 18 karats yellow gold bracelet detailed with white, turquoise, lapis enamels, and 0.12-carat champagne diamonds.
Mogul Aquamarine Bead NecklaceMade of Blue Aquamarine, Rubellite, and Peridot stones with 18 karat gold strung on silk secured with a diamond clasp.
Wise Guy Lapis Pin
Jardin Diamond Vine EarringsJardin Diamond Vine Earrings
Mogul Hex Moon Quartz Double Drop EarringsMogul Hex Double Drop Earrings
Mogul Hex EarringsMogul Hex Earrings

Mogul Hex Earrings

From $6,450
Mogul Turquoise EarringsMogul Earrings
An openable evil eye 18-karat yellow gold bracelet enameled with turquoise, dark blue, and white colors and 0.20-carat champagne diamonds.

Mogul Twin Ring

From $5,650
Mogul Gemstone Hex EarringsMogul Gemstone Hex Earrings
Mogul Blue Sapphire & Diamond Earrings
Cosmic Green Tourmaline and Blue Sapphire Studs
Enamel Diamond HoopsEnamel Diamond Hoops
Cosmic Topaz and Diamond Star EarringsCosmic Topaz and Diamond Star Earrings
Mogul Sugarloaf EarringsMogul Sugarloaf Earrings
Mogul Kamala EarringsMogul Kamala Earrings
Mogul Gemstone RingMogul Gemstone Ring

Mogul Gemstone Ring

From $5,250
Mogul Drop Earrings
Mogul Flower Bud Diamond EarringsMogul Flower Bud Diamond Earrings
Chakra Large Reversible Evil Eye RingChakra Large Reversible Evil Eye Ring
Mogul Cushion Diamond EarringsMogul Cushion Diamond Earrings
Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz Earrings
Cosmic Multicolor Star BandCosmic Multicolor Star Band
Mogul Turquoise Diamond Earrings
Mogul Turquoise and Diamond EarringsMogul Turquoise and Diamond Earrings
Mogul Gemstone Diamond NecklacesMogul Gemstone Diamond Necklaces
Cosmic Cluster Diamond NecklacesCosmic Cluster Diamond Necklaces
Mogul Moon Quartz EarringsMogul Moon Quartz Earrings
Cosmic Ethiopian Opal StudsCosmic Ethiopian Opal Studs
Cosmic Moon Quartz StudsCosmic Moon Quartz Studs
Cosmic London Blue Topaz and Emerald StudsCosmic London Blue Topaz and Emerald Studs
Mogul Gemstone Heart Clip EarringsCitine
Candy Sugarloaf EarringsCandy Sugarloaf Earrings
Mogul Gemstone Diamond PendantMogul Gemstone Diamond Pendant
Jardin Blue Agate Reversible Diamond PendantJardin Blue Agate Reversible Diamond Pendant
Mini Mogul Drop Lariat NecklaceMini Mogul Drop Lariat Necklace
Mogul Pearl & Diamond EarringsMogul Pearl & Diamond Earrings
Chakra Three Charms
Necklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra CharmsNecklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra Charms
Necklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra CharmsNecklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra Charms
Necklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra CharmsNecklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra Charms
Mogul Gemstone and Diamond EarringsMogul Gemstone and Diamond Earrings
Cosmic Large Eclipse PendantCosmic Large Eclipse Pendant
Mogul Locket PendantMogul Locket Pendant
Chakra BraceletsA beautiful 18-karat yellow gold bracelet with fourteen 15-carat Mother of pearl and lobster clasp.

Chakra Bracelet

From $3,650
Jardin Twine EarringsJardin Twine Earrings
Hex Diamond Enamel BandsHex Diamond Enamel Bands
Candy Double Drop EarringsCandy Double Drop Earrings
Mogul Bead Station NecklaceA lustrous Chrysoprase bead necklace of 11 carats with lobster lock and 18 karats gold is available in green, red and purple colours.
Candy Rubellite & Gemstone EarringsCandy Rubellite & Gemstone Earrings
Candy Chrysoprase & Turquoise EarringsCandy Chrysoprase and Turquoise Earrings
Jardin Gemstone EarringsJardin Gemstone Earrings
Candy Peridot & Blue Topaz EarringsCandy Peridot & Blue Topaz Earrings
Hex Gemstone EarringsHex Gemstone Earrings

Hex Gemstone Earrings

From $3,650
Cosmic Oval Cluster Diamond EarringsCosmic Oval Cluster Diamond Earrings
Mogul Emerald & Sapphire Earrings
Chakra Three Charms
Mogul Flower StudsMogul Flower Studs
Blue Topaz and Diamond Mogul HoopsBlue Topaz and Diamond Mogul Hoops
Necklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra CharmsNecklace Set of Evil Eye Chakra Charms
Cosmic Eclipse NecklaceCosmic Eclipse Necklaces
Mogul Gemstone EarringsCandy Gemstone Earrings
Mogul Turquoise Diamond Medallion PendantMogul Turquoise Diamond Medallion Pendant
Mogul Sapphire Band
Candy Large Stacking Baubles BraceletsCandy Large Stacking Baubles Bracelets
Candy Gemstone Diamond BraceletsAn openable oval 18-karat yellow gold bracelet with a perfectly positioned 2.50 carat Blue topaz and a 0.6-carat champagne diamond.
Cosmic Sun BraceletsCosmic Sun Bracelets
Mogul Drop Earrings
Mogul Gemstone & Diamond BandMogul Gemstone & Diamond Band
Jardin Flower StudsJardin Flower Studs
Mogul Cushion Double Drop EarringsMogul Cushion Double Drop Earrings
Precious Mogul BandsPrecious Mogul Bands
Chakra Small Reversible Evil Eye RingChakra Small Reversible Evil Eye Ring
Mogul Heart Cab NecklaceMogul Heart Cab Necklace
Mogul Octa StudsMogul Octa Studs

Mogul Octa Studs

From $2,650
Candy Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz RingCandy Blue Topaz and Moon Quartz Ring
Candy Medium Stacking Baubles BraceletsCandy Medium Stacking Baubles Bracelets
Small Mogul Drop NecklacesSmall Mogul Drop Necklaces
Mogul Drop Earrings with Diamond TrimMogul Drop Earrings with Diamond Trim
Candy Bauble EarringsCandy Bauble Earrings
Cosmic Enamel Diamond EarringsCosmic Enamel Diamond Earrings
Mogul Long Drop EarringsMogul Long Drop Earrings
Large 50 Carat Mogul Drop Pendant with DiamondsLarge 50 Carat Mogul Drop Pendant with Diamonds
Large Exotic Bead EarringsLarge Exotic Bead Earrings
Mogul Pear EarringsMogul Pear Earrings
Mogul Turquoise Bead NecklaceMogul Turquoise Bead Necklace
Cosmic Star Stud EarringsCosmic Star Stud Earrings
Chakra Evil Eye Sapphire Pendant
Mogul Hex StudsMogul Hex Studs

Mogul Hex Studs

From $2,350
Mogul Gemstone RingMogul Gemstone Ring

Octa Ring

From $2,350
Chakra Reversible Evil Eye CharmChakra Reversible Evil Eye Charm

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