Our Award Winning Owl

The owl has been an admirable choice in crafting beautiful jewelry, as they hold layers of symbolism propagated through ancient folklore. Along with its widespread recognition as an ideogram of unparalleled wisdom and knowledge, owls also represent the virtuous traits of mysticism, protection, preemptive foresight, and prosperity. The symbolism of owls is rampant across the world, with a myriad of cultures having their own renditions of this magnificent bird. 

In Indian mythology, the mystic owl is revered as the ‘Vahan’ or vehicle of the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. On the joyous occasion of Diwali, the raucous festival of lights, sighting an owl is considered an auspicious event; a connotation of the well-being, opulence, and good fortune that will cascade on the viewer’s eyes.

According to the Celtics, the owl is a glorious specimen of a fierce and passionate defender of honor and truth. It would ward off negative energies before they would plague people’s lives.  They were also a coveted icon of the ancient Celtic Goddess of Fertility, a laurel that led to the noble creature’s brandishing on bestiaries. 



Cute and petite, this prize-winning owl pendant from our Jardin collection is a dedicated work of art. Beautifully carved from a seamless melange of oxidized silver and 18K gold, the decadent piece is complemented with delicate diamond accents. Intricate details such as the bird’s mystical feathers give the gorgeous pendant a bold, tantalizing appeal. The gleaming, viridescent tsavorite garnets perfectly illustrate the humble bird’s enduring, insightful, and benevolent eyes. The nocturnal vision of the glorious bird inculcates the lesson of clarity and aid in rooting out deception and trickery from malevolent forces. The spiritual owl guides us in being true to ourselves and loving every inch of our being. 



The limited-edition owl ring is a must-have to compliment the stunning owl pendant. A memorable contrast is achieved through the artisanal combination of 18K yellow gold and oxidized sterling silver. The owl’s  powerful presence is brought to life with the addition of green tsavorite garnet eyes that cohesively bind the ring with a pop of color.  

Owls are striking creatures that are believed to be blessed with a prophetic gift of intuition. The bird channelizes in us the qualities of observance, calmness, and intelligence. True prosperity can only be achieved by discerning illusions and attaining the mastery of situations where others fail. The owl is the perfect embodiment of unwavering focus, patience, clairvoyance, inner peace, and good fortune. 

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