The Mystical Navratna Gems

Jewelry has been a statement of the self since times immemorial. It has been an expression of belief, personality and innate identity. For many, the precious stones and metals used in jewelry are an inherent source of balance, spiritual guidance, and strength. Our Navratna Mogul bead necklace is one such articulate piece, that is believed to have talismanic and mystical benefits. This exceptionally crafted piece is also revered for its ability to transform any outfit into a stunning statement. The aesthetic beauty lies in the way that the nine distinct gems are amalgamated into one cohesive, alluring package.

 Vedic Astrology proliferates the belief that all living beings are influenced by the nine heavenly bodies or celestial deities - the Navagrahas. Each of these nine ‘grahas’ has a gem associated with it and can regulate its associated celestial body’s cosmic rays. The immaculate and specific arrangement of these gems kindle cosmic balance, and wards off negative karmic energies. This beautiful piece of artisanal work has always been revered as regal and sacred throughout Asia, traversing the barriers of religion and culture. The magnificent gems are also a symbol of kingship in Thailand, as they are believed to invoke supremacy, authority, and victory.



Each gem has a uniquely beautiful celestial prowess attached to them. These gemstones include diamond, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, garnet, blue sapphire, pearl, cat's eye, and coral. Associated with the sun, Ruby forms the central element of the Navratna. This sparkling red gemstone improves leadership, independence, and enhances unwavering focus. It protects the wearer from negative energy and psychic attacks. Flawless, unblemished Pearls represent the glorious moon and revitalize mental health and stability. Analogous with feminine energy, it encourages purity, contentment, and faith.

Red Coral is connected with Mars and enlivens the person wearing it. The richness and depth of its color encourages perception, courage, and vitality. It aids in achieving magnanimous victory in all pursuits. Mercury is considered to be the planet of intellect and communication, and its benefits are regulated by the pristine Emerald. It stimulates mental control, memory and enhances eloquence. Yellow Sapphire is governed by Jupiter, which stands for the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and enthusiasm. This intriguing and gorgeous gem has a strong connection with joy and good fortune.



Diamonds bring luxury, pleasure, and wealth into one’s life. It fittingly represents the opulent Venus. Blue Sapphire balances the adverse effects associated with Saturn when used in conjunction with the other stones. The delicate and dreamy gem helps one gain humility, maturity, and tolerance. Garnet beautifully neutralizes the negative energy of the ascending lunar node or Rahu. It brings an invigorating wave of relief from depression and anxiety. The alluring Cat’s Eye brings out the positive effects of the descending lunar node of Ketu. It provides clarity, encourages spiritual awakening, and sharpens intuition.

The Navratnas coalesce enthralling beauty with rich meaning and cosmic potency. Accentuate your charm and at the same time, embrace the spiritual and divine powers of these magnificent gemstones. This Mogul masterpiece can resonate with your inner soul and is sure to be revered for centuries to come.

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