Simple. Classic. Timeless.


Drawing inspiration from little things, Dharmesh & Namrata Kothari have created an extraordinary and refreshing collection of luxurious jewels.

Coming from a country of diverse cultures and rich heritage, they have a natural inclination for color deeply rooted within them. Their inspirations come from their treasure of culturl influences, spiritual beliefs and travel experiences.

Believing in the simple, their style approach is to transform old complex arrangements and illustrate them in the most refines way. They are always trying to push the boundaries of creativity, evoking an ethereal elegance coupled with a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

Jewelry that transcends age and time, the Syna collection is for every woman who appreciates distinctive style.



Syna means together.

True believers of destiny, Dharmesh & Namrata feel that the possibilities of design - and life - are limitless when people work together.


“The idea behind the name is our desire to partner with people, be it our clients, vendors, jewelers, craftsmen or employees. We believe people can achieve great things by respecting each other and pooling their talents and resources. The possibilities are endless when we work together.” 

Formed in 2003, Syna has grown through enduring relationships with well known, established companies and have evolved by creating many successful collections.

Staying true to the meaning of this philosophy, the Syna brand showcases jewelry that speaks for itself and reflects positive energy.